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Rosy Bingo brings you online bingo and slots games. Whether you are a chat game newbie or a 1TG wizard, there is a lot for you to enjoy with Rosy Bingo!

For our newbies, Rosy Bingo is very happy to help you understand and play online bingo, as well as to show you how you can win real cash prizes. The most popular game of bingo in the UK is 90 ball bingo. You win prizes simply by marking off the numbers on your tickets as they are called - the more lines you get, the bigger the cash prize you win! 75 ball bingo is similar to 90 ball bingo, but instead of marking your tickets line by line, you must mark them to a certain shape, which is decided by Rosy Bingo at the start of the game. Once you get this shape on your ticket, you are the winner of the big prize.

Buying tickets to play bingo games is easy. Just login and enter a bingo room from the lobby, select the tickets you want to buy and then click on the 'Buy' button. If the game that is being played is not your favourite bingo game, then click on the 'Pre-Buy' button, and select your game from our range of scheduled games.

In addition to winning cash by marking off numbers, you can also win prizes in our promotional chat games. As the bingo numbers are being called, our chat hosts will play games in the chat area. These can be games based on numbers or 'word' based games. Chat game prizes are normally awarded in BBzs.

Now that you know the basics, are you ready to go with Rosy Bingo? Why not join us and register an account? Rosy Bingo provides the ultimate community and gaming experience for those looking to have fun, win money and play some bingo.

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